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Campus Challenge is a regional centre for children and youth with disabilities. It provides rehabilitation and support to the all sorts of disable children (speech & hearing impaired, visually impaired, mentally challenged and physically challenged). Special education (like Braille for visually impaired, Indian Sign language for Speech & Hearing Impaired, ADL training for Mentally challenged) with inclusive education at its campus. Disabled youth are trained in computer with spoken English, Stitching, Carpentry (wood framing) and print shop by providing accommodation at its youth hostel. Read More →

Association Saikorian

"Association Saikorian" is an alumni association of the Students of Sainik School, Korukonda, near Visakhapatnam, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Friends Indeed

Friends Indeed is a Dutch Charitable foundation. The mission of Friends Indeed is: improvement of the living conditions of underprivileged children in all parts of the world,

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Our Programs


Campus Challenge

To create ability and an inclusive life – in all aspects of life - for children and youth with a disability....

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Outreach Program

The first step is the active identification of children and youth with a disability: one of the aims of the...

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Campus Challenge provides young people with disability, access to information, choices...

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Saikorian Public School is an inclusive school where the children with various disabilities from Campus...

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Tribal Development

We cover 86 villages of Ananthagiri Mandal around population of 9992 and around 1936 families...

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We covered 12 schools covering 15 villages of 2 mandals (Poosapatirega & Ranathalam) mandals of...

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